Reviews about Oculear

  • Jan
    With glasses, they called me from the school bank. When I became a senior manager, I decided to switch to lenses. Those who wear them will understand me: burning and redness of the eyes have become constant companions. But my wife bought Oculear drops, and now I don't look like a chronically sleep deprived person.
  • Zala
    I often have to take students' notebooks home. I check them after I finish the housework. In the evening, the letters were moving away and focusing became more difficult. A friend advised oculear points, and for half a year the problem has disappeared.
  • Nika
    When I noticed in my thirties that my eye pressure was bothering me when the weather changed, I was worried! I work on the railroad, and such a "malfunction" can lead to criminal liability. The pharmacist recommended Oculear, and now I am not afraid of the change of seasons.
  • Maja
    Student life and studying at night did their job. In the fourth year, the fatigue of the eyes had increased so much that under artificial lighting, they began to close on their own. But my mother raised the alarm and I got Oculear drops from her. Now I can't go to university without them!
  • Sara
    My job is to change the look and style. Make-up is something related to professional activity. Mascara, arrows, shadows - all this provoked a deterioration of vision. The doctor gave me Oculear drops and now I'm back in line.
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