Experience of use Oculear

Feedback on using drops to improve vision by Jan from Warsaw

My review of the use and history of Oculear eye drops begins after a serious deterioration in the quality of vision, redness of the eyes that did not go away even over the weekend. The doctor recommended this medication because it has been in production for many years and has been very successful in the treatment of eye diseases.

Is it hard to buy?

The drug is sold on the official website of the drug developer, I bought myself two bottles at once.

Do I need a prescription to buy drops?

The doctor first told me that he didn't need a prescription for Oculear, he told me how to use it. I have found from my experience that this is indeed the case. They sell without a prescription, but it is better to consult a doctor beforehand and then start using the medicine.


The cost of the medicine is acceptable considering the average life in Warsaw, the medicine is bought without much difficulty. You can get a few bottles in advance, as the shelf life is quite long.

Dosage and my experience

My experience with Oculear was positive, the drug was used for 50 days, 2 times a day.

before and after treatment with Oculear drops

One week after applying Oculear, relaxation is felt, eye pain and fatigue are relieved. I work a lot on the computer, so according to the doctor, it is eye fatigue that provokes red eyes and decreased visual acuity.

At first there were no changes in terms of improved vision, only by the middle of the fifth day everything changed dramatically! I turned my attention to the fact that I can easily see the inscriptions on the monitor from afar.

This interested me, I checked and realized that now I can easily see everything that is written at a distance of 2-3 meters from me. Previously, I did not see more than one and a half meters, as for me, for several days of treatment - this is an excellent result.

After a month of using Oculear, I realized that my previous vision was almost completely restored. Of course, it was not as sharp as in the past, but the tension in the eye area was gone, I could calmly work on the computer, walk and do housework, while my vision did not leave me.

I told the doctor about the results, he praised me for following all the rules. I plan to fix the result in 1-2 months!

My conclusions

I can recommend this medicine. Oculear fully justifies its cost due to its quality and real effectiveness after application. The medicine helped me completely get rid of the burning sensation and redness of the eyes and improve my vision in 10 days, for which I am really grateful! I plan to repeat the course a little later.