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  • Eye exercises help relieve eye fatigue, increase blood circulation and improve vision. General rules and recommendations. Vision training for adults and children.
    7 January 2024
  • Vision restoration surgery is a technique that allows you to radically remove myopia or farsightedness. There are several types of operations.
    19 September 2022
  • Eye gymnastics to improve vision is equally suitable for adult patients and children. Find out what these manipulations are, how to perform them correctly.
    11 September 2022
  • How to restore vision yourself at home. Gymnastics for the eyes and exercises to restore vision with myopia and hypermetropia. Proper food and diet to improve vision.
    10 September 2022
  • Computers, smartphones, televisions significantly impair vision. Even small children develop unpleasant eye diseases. Next, we will consider ways to restore vision with the help of folk remedies and correction of nutrition, as well as special gymnastics.
    9 September 2022